To comply with the constantly changing needs of the healthcare sector we have been developing products for the sales and distribution
Medical disposables are manufactured in accordance with European Union norms and meet with ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 international quality standards and respective quality systems. We listen to the needs of hospital staff, employee safety and surgeons and convert their feedbacks into reality.
Medical disposable products include following items:
Non-Sterile Gloves
Non-Sterile Latex Powdered and Powder Free Examination Gloves
Non-Sterile Powder-Free Nitrile Examination Gloves
Non-Sterile Blue Vinyl Powdered and Examination Gloves
Non-Sterile Powder-Free High Protection (High Risk) Latex Examination Gloves
Non-Sterile Powder Free Examination Gloves for Chemotherapy

Sterile Gloves
Sterile Latex Powdered and Powder Free Surgical Gloves
Sterile Latex Powder-Free High Risk Orthopedics and Trauma Double Surgical Gloves
Sterile Powder Free Latex-free (Synthetic) Surgical Gloves
Sterile Class 100 Clean Room Gloves

Catheter Group
Latex and Silicone-Coated Foley Catheter (2-way and 3-way)
Suction Catheter
Nasogastric Catheter

Infusion Therapy
Infusion Set
IV Cannula
3-way stop cock

Sterile Urine Bag with outlet and without outlet

Endotracheal Tube (with cuff and without cuff)
Endotracheal Tube with spiral (with cuff and without cuff)

ECG Disposables
ECG Electrode
Electrosurgical Pencil

We strive to serve healthcare industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry for their need of medical disposables with our rich product portfolio, quality service and customer-orientation.


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